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My Vision ~ Your Version ®

“I was born on the cuff of a Baby boomer and a Gen-Xer.  I’ve always been torn between  sensibility and the need to outshine.” ~ tonyp

About The Art

I work in several mediums, photography, painting and digital technology.  My art originates from life experiences and doesn’t focus on a singular subject.  Instead, it opens conversations on human emotion, political views, mortality and some pieces are just fun.  My art is both static and dynamic. It’s gender fluid and the vibrant colors contradicts the image’s real story.  To me, the most important thing is that the viewer dives in and examines the depth of the image and appreciates how the three mediums harmonize.

About The Artist

Im an American artist that happens to be African American.  As long as I can remember, I’ve always been creative. I still remember the smell of those wonderfully, huge Crayola Crayons in kindergarten.  I was drawing superheros although my preteen years and  at 14, my father bought me a darkrom set.  I was addicted to photography ever since.  My love for painting and digital technology gave me other tools to express what I couldn’t express with words.   The mid 90’s caused  something to burst inside me.   I had the need to do something original, I started creating my collections by combining the three mediums.  All my pieces below were black and white images I shot and then I hand colored them and then digitally manipulated them.  

I was introduced to the Downtown Detroit underground art scene by artists Rico Africa and Ziam Penn.  I’ve exhibited in several shows and my work was published in the UK.  I’d like to believe that my work is thought provoking  and relatable.  My work has been my therapist for decades.  So join me in my journey of art expression.   Thank you! 

The Benefits Of Viewing Art

The cultural and intellectual benefits of viewing art can serve as a dynamic mechanism that you can profit from on your journey of personal realization. Viewing art arouses the brain in a valuable lifelong way. Its been proven that a visit to an art gallery can precisely impact your well-being in a considerable fundamental manner. Art can help bring into light your inner self and create a space that allows you to assault stress, anxiety and depression.


"His images are haunting...powerful. He captures a window into the soul.
D. L. Keur
Graphic Designer
"I haven't seen the human experience captured in such an authentic way. Your bold exposures and titles examine the “self” with empathy and determination."
Angela Davis

Fine Art Gallery

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