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Let’s begin with I’m not an 

Art Therapist.  

although, my artwork is 

Home Therapy

There are so many people that don’t have an outlet to vent their frustrations, their fears, nor their achievements.  For me it’s creating.  I paint, I draw, I photograph and sometimes I attempt to write.  I believe this had made me a happier and more rounded  person, when dealing with daily situations.  I suggest this therapy to all my friends.  

Art Therapy, I Get It

Art Therapy was organic, for me.  I developed my seven collections from the benefits of Art Therapy.  I was raw with emotion, so, instinctively, as a creative, I vented and opened  my mind and soul.  I was vulnerable , wounded and alone.  Yes, Art Therapy works.  It teaches you how to use creativity as a tool to channel unwanted or  invited energy.

A Secret that works for me

I believe you must find something you love to do by yourself.I  find a quiet space, alone. I play music that inspires me.  Most importantly, I’m honest with myself and then I can start the creative process.

Broken Man - My first

 ‘Broken Man’s was my first completed work.

The Mid 90’s was a very bittersweet time in my life.  I was conflicted with living a life of conformity or a life I knew was more befitting of me. Although, I was in a dark place, I was inspired to create.  My color pallet of browns, black. grey and white reflected the my state of mind.  ‘Broken Man’ was the end product.  He’s so dear to me. I keep him close to me at all times. When I was broken, he helped, or should I say, he continues to help rebuild and strengthen me.  He’s my therapist. 

The Black Ninieties

Growing up in the sixties as an African American child, I had only two role models, Sidney Poitier and Martin Luther King. I was raised to always represent my culture in a respectful and dignified manner. I created these images in the mid 90’s because I wanted to record the physical  changes , from my perspective, that some young African American males were going through.  They start shaving their heads and wearing hoodies and sagging their pants which caused a brewing fear among other cultures. Also, during this period, I, personally, struggled with trying to achieve a certain level of success but then came to the realization  that a system was designed for me not to reach that level. I still persevered and achieved many successes.   It amazes me how I created the series ‘The Black Nineties’  in the nineties and now, in the 21st century,  its chilling that these images have even more relevance.

The Mortality Series

‘The Mortality Series’ touches on the frailty of life. The youth tend to assumed they will never die.  Year by year,  his or her mortality  generally increases. It explores the vulnerability of innocence in “Innocence Lost’.   ‘Father Time’ is a Rn ominous view on how time waits for no man.  The Reapers’ take a sci-fi approach on the deadly killers of man.  ‘Death Mask’ was inspired from the Ancient Romans.   Collectively, theses images show a time table of life.

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